FBN Architects


Business Architectural practice specialising on housing associations, house builders and public sector clients in Central Scotland
Location Glasgow
Solution A solution that minimises the administrative work and certificate creation integral to the business. All the project information is to hand and certificates and letters are created with a couple of clicks saving valuable time and ensuring accuracy of information.
Key Features Automated Project Document creation and filing, editable templates

The Story

A familar story, FBN Architects had been using a FileMaker database created for them from an original created by one of the partners in FileMaker Pro 3. Unfortunately although it was an improvement it was still awkward to use and provided no tangible benefits.

After discussing the requirements with the practice administrator and creator of the original database a new solution was developed that simultaneously simplified the user experience and added better functionality and additional features.

The solution now includes management of the complex task of Drawing Issues, Project Planning and the ability to create and edit templates for letters.