Outdoor Resource Base


Business An outdoor education charity based in Hamilton, providing facilities for outdoor education and recreation for those living in Lanarkshire
Location Hamilton
Solution A scheduling database that matches activities with the availability of suitable qualified instructors, equipment and transport. The schedule is displayed graphically and colour coded for fast interpretation
Key Features Resource management, complex scheduling, editable letter templates

The Story

Outdoor Resource Base (ORB) had been struggling with the scheduling and management of their bookings using a mixture of spreadsheets and paperwork. Scheduling had long been a difficult area for FileMaker butwith the experience and techniques developed for Prudential (story here) Tim Anderson was in a position to offer a practical and economical solution.

Now ORB can see the availability of suitably qualified instructors and allocate mini buses with a couple of clicks. All the paperwork is automatically generated using templates they control. It is possible to see all the Activities taking place over a 4 week period, for any or all instructors, and go directly to a booking by clicking on the schedule.

ORB have full control over the activities and qualifications required for each activity and, apart from a few simple built in reports, can export all information on Activities to a spreadsheet as their various funding bodies often need different reports on the participation.