Business In-house Design Agency
Location Craigforth, Stirling
Solution A studio system, recording full specifications of work, scheduling work using a visual calendar, revision and time tracking, utilising email and automatic job creation from web forms completed on their intranet
Key Features Colour coded scheduling, document management, integrated email, complex reporting with charts, timesheets invisible to users

The Story

The Design Agency within Prudential in Stirling were looking for a Studio traffic solution that matched their very specific requirement, a visual representation similar to a Sascoâ„¢ Planners. Despite much research there was nothing that either matched their specifications or could be amended to suit. They then asked Tim Anderson and a number of FileMaker specialists about their vision, all but one (Tim Anderson Group) said what they wanted could not be achieved with FileMaker.

Tim Anderson delivered the database driven solution which has been used since 2006. Since going live this solution has helped the productivity of the department, which can now be accurately measured, more than triple.

Additional features have been added, so now the solution integrates tightly with their intranet based document library.

a screenshot for the scheduling and traffic system developed for Prusential Design Agency by Tim Anderson Group using the FileMaker suite of products