Entertainers Agency


Business Entertainment Consultancy and Event planning
Location Perth and Falkirk
Solution A means of managing enquiries for everything from a piper for weddings through corporate events and Christmas entertainment for hotels. Client, Act and Venue management with integrated email and document management
Key Features Pdf document creation and filing, email integration, document management, VAT Return, booking schedule to Google calendar

The Story

Douglas called my one morning, he was desperate to upgrade his existing FileMaker database. He had written it some years ago as a flat file and, although it did a job, it was becoming a major bottleneck in his business.

Within a few weeks Tim Anderson had interpreted his requirements and come up with a fully relational business solution. There was no re-typing of client, Act or Venue details, his paperwork was created at the click of a button and the most time-consuming tasks were drastically simplified.

Douglas was so impressed that he nominated Tim Anderson Group for the FileMaker Cube Awards.

Since the initial solution was implemented it has been progressively enhanced. One of the key modules is Banking and Expenses. This enables Entertainers Agency to allocate payments against invoices and enter expenses. Best of all, at the click of the button it also generates their VAT return!

Entertainers are sure Tim Anderson is the best of all the FileMaker database developers in Scotland